Hardware peripherals for Telemaque

Telemaque easily integrates data captured by different peripherals such as personal identification readers, business card scanners, badge printers and handheld barcode readers.

    • Personal Identification Readers

Using a full-page OCR-RFID reader can significantly streamline your reception process by automatically capturing information from the visitor’s personal identification card. The data is automatically sent to the visitor record saving time and errors.

    • Business card readers

Business cards are scanned and information is saved to the visitor’s profile (name, company, title …). It is also possible to save a pdf scan of the business card to the profile.

    • Badge printers

Within seconds, print personalized color or monochrome badges on blank or pre-printed formats. Telemaque prints customized text, logos, barcodes and images to suit your needs. The badge is also a means of communication and improves the company image with your visitors.

    • Barcode readers

Handheld barcode readers allow you to capture visitor movements and data at a distance or when on the move. Handheld readers give flexibility in the configuration of your on-site security and visitor management.