Features of Telemaque

Thousands of organizations, large and small, public and private, have discovered the many benefits of replacing paper and manual processes with a computerized system. The main objectives of visitor management with Telemaque are: smooth, quick visitor reception, a secure workplace, increased productivity and time savings of your reception staff.

Pre-registration of visitors – Importation by reception staff of visitor lists provided by other services.

Optimize the reception process – Automation and customization of reception procedures per company or per site.

  • Registrer visitor by scanning ID, selecting from a directiory or created a new file
  • Take photo and integrate it instantly
  • Set waiting status to ensure host is informed of visitor arrival
  • Attribute temporary wi-fi codes to visitors
  • Display for reception specific protocols for certain visitors
  • Edit badge with (or without) visitor photo

Branded badge printing – Improve your company image with badges following corporate branding guidelines.

Events and receptions – Print badges designed specifically for events using the incorporated design tool.

Longer-term badges – provide temporary or long-term badges for external parties

On-site visitor tracking – Visitor’s badge is followed from time of entry on site until they leave.

Visitor messaging system – No more post-its with messages for visitors. When a visitor is registered any messages for them appear on the screen.

Blacklisting – Restrict access to specific people or groups of people.

Internal directory integration – Telemaque interfaces with the internal directory saving needless data entry.

Visit log and reporting – Track who was on-site when a specific event occurred. Visitor statistics help analyze traffic and volume of visitors for staffing needs.