Telemaque – Visitor Management

Telemaque visitor management software allows small and enterprise organizations to automate the visitor access control process from registering a visitor, to capturing detailed information quickly and easily by electronically scanning an ID, and to printing a visitor badge. With Telemaque optimize the reception experience while increasing the security of your site.

    • Telemaque visitor management software meets YOUR safety and security requirements

The set of rules documents and workflow features adapt easily to different types of sites. For brand-conscious corporate headquarters to the compliance and security conscious industrial site (such as sensitive Seveso sites or institutions working in the field of defense). The solution fits all configurations of single-site, multi-site and multi-company configurations. More than 18 million visitors are managed each year by customers using Telemaque.

    • Simplifies visitor registration

The visitor is registered with a simple scan of the identity card. Telemaque integrates seamlessly with the existing IT environment connecting easily to LDAP, mail and CRM systems. 60% of Telemaque integrations are connect to access control applications from companies such as Cegelec, Gunnebo, Horoquartz, Nedap, UTC, …

    • Automation and Personalization of Reception Procedures

Avoid unnecessary date entry with direct import of data from other applications or online forms. Personalize reception procedures for different visitor types (VIP, group, trainee, contractor…) The application can manage multiple companies on one site and be customized for brand requirements and security protocols and processes.

    • Integrates with existing Identification and authentication technologies

Telemaque works with the technology you already have, including ID card readers, badge printers, ID card scanners and tablet signature devices. Make sign-on simple for your employees, thanks to support for LDAP, Active Directory. Or connect via Web or API to CRM and ERP applications.

    • On-premise or Cloud-based solutions

Telemaque can be kept on-premise or in the cloud and it adapts as you grow. Take the Telemaque test drive today and see how it can transform your security operations or schedule a one on one with a Telemaque expert to have your questions answered.