Add-ons for lobby management software Telemaque

Many add-ons are available for Telemaque visitor and lobby management software. These add-ons offer additional functionalities for managing various services related to visitor reception. This includes pre-registration of visitors, organization of taxis reservations, courier and package deliveries, parking spots and loaner keys for visitors.

    • Pre-registration of Visitors

This add-on allows receptionists, assistants and other employees to pre-register expected visitors. Pre-recording identity information about visitors saves time when they arrive. The pre-registration is also an extra security measure for companies that require the pre-registration of all visitors to their site.

    • Taxis

The Taxi Add-on manages the registration of requests for taxis by visitors and employees, the identification of drivers, destinations and taxi departures and arrivals. The add-on can be used independently of Telemaque.

    • Couriers and packages

This add-on allows employees to track the status of package deliveries (sent, in transit, received…). It assures the traceability of packages by transporter. The sender can receive an email when a package has been delivered.

    • Parking access

The parking access add-on manages parking spots and visitor vehicles when they are on site. A parking can be assigned when the visitor arrives or can be pre-registered and identified when he arrives at the parking lot.

    • KeyKeeper

For companies with hundreds of keys it is necessary to quickly access the key. This add-on provides a virtual representation of the physical location of the key indicating where the key is and its status: present or borrowed. Keykeeper provides information about who borrowed the key. It is also possible to secure a key by allowing only certain people to borrow it.