Solutions for Schools and Universities – Manage visitor access and meeting room planning, Incident tracking

Many institutions of all sizes have chosen Safeware products to manage the security and organization of their sites. Education and learning is a priority in society.

Safeware solutions contribute to the protection and management of learning institutions. Safeware products focus on all aspects of safety and security and can respond effectively to the needs and high quality educational institutions.

Telemaque was designed for managing visitor access to the site of the university or school. The visibility and control provided by Telemaque of visitor traffic means that intrusions and other risks are more easily identified. Features include:

  • Archiving of visitor names (students, teachers, administrative staff …), their identification and time spent on site.
  • Compatibility with a large number of protocols and security processes and possibility of customization.
  • Constant monitoring of visitors from time of entry to school or on campus until his departure. Telemaque tracks where visitors are and who they are visiting.
  • Real-time access to campus from reception and security offices.
  • Internal directory and integrated photo album, convenient for confirming identities of administrative workers.
  • Complete control of all mail and parcels deposited at the reception or at the reception desk. Each step is recorded: deposits, people informed and deletions.

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Gesroom guarantees that your room reservations are hassle-free!

The organization of rooms and shared resources is a common issue for schools and universities. Which class in which room? What time? What materials are needed? Gesroom makes it easy to manage the coordination of how class and meeting rooms are allocated.

  • Use the interactive, graphic planning tool to book one or more meeting rooms.
  • Use multi-criteria search functions for available rooms: date, time, building name, room number, capacity, planning, and even available equipment such as overhead projectors, video conferencing, white boards etc…
  • Gesroom creates a data sheet with the details of the room reservation: date and time, room, equipment, services and hours you want.
  • Automatically manages room capacity and the material availability.
  • Ability to track the history of bookings and optimize the use of shared resources.

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Omnigarde is keeping watch!

For schools or campuses looking to keep their sites safe and secure, Safeware has developed Omnigarde. Several institutions and research centers such as the National Assembly in Paris, Research centers have opted for our incident tracking and reporting tool. The benefits of Omnigarde for your organization include:

  • Reporting incidents for future treatment and resolution.
  • Facilitating the actions of security agents.
  • Monitoring the work of security officers.
  • Providing updates to staff on security policies.

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