Safeware has succeeded for some time, attracting clients demanding a high-level of quality service. The range of Safeware products fit a variety of needs, but we do see there’s a favorite among our customers: Télémaque. A product that has seduced some very large customers.

With Télémaque Visitor Management Tools, Safeware was able to help certain customers overcome several different challenges they had in managing the flow of visitors to their site. Through its optimal management of reception and visitor access, these customers were able to meet difficult security requirements while to maintaining a strong, positive image of the company, The integration of your safety rules is one of the basic tasks of Télémaque. It adapts to the nature of the place to which you want to apply: office, industrial zone, or, establishing the field of defense, but also depending on its configuration: Single site, multi-site, multi-company, etc.

Télémaque allows quick and easy registration of visitors, whether individual or group. It provides visitors quality badges with their information and photographs (done instantly). Badges provided by Télémaque can also be applied to events. After the registration phase, Télémaque also allows full traceability of visitors through the company, via dashboards that monitor visitors from arrival to departure.

These are just some of the features of Télémaque Visitor Access Control that have seduced many of our customers, including Siemens, Nedap, Cegelec and Horoquartz. But that’s not all! Find out more of what Télémaque can do here.