Omnigarde has been designed to fulfill all required functionality of an incident tracking tool, but it also includes several features that facilitate the awareness and handling of events. For example, all events and incidents on the site are stored in the tracking module that generates alerts automatically to inform management of the situation. Omnigarde provides an immediate and comprehensive knowledge of incidents on your site: aggressions, bombs, water leakage, intrusions, vandalism… And when an event occurs, instructions appear on the screen to assist the agent with handling the event. An alert is also sent by e-mail to inform all persons concerned.

Omnigarde helps with organization and traceability. Omnigarde replaces all paper instructions, meaning that no information is lost and can easily be retrieved at another time. The information is structured and readily accessible by searching by keyword search or browsing by category. The agent has access to permanent and temporary orders. Omnigarde also informs agents of the tasks they have to complete before the end of their shift. Recurrent or temporary assignments are also managed. Automatic message generation for delay or lack of performance allows security managers to better control the situation and emergencies.

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