When organizing a meeting room schedule for a small group with regular needs and just one or two rooms, a calendar may be enough. But as soon as you add in many different people, multiple meetings, different size rooms, the need for external services or materials, the organization becomes complicated. The simple Outlook or Google calendar is no longer enough to manage everything. And most companies don’t have the leisure of a dedicated resource just for managing room reservations.

Gesroom was designed with many features that make managing this process simple.

• A visual online planning of all rooms for quick and easy reservations. It’s possible to book one or multiple rooms, or even across multiple locations, at one time.

• The multi-criteria search is one of the highlights of Gesroom. It’s possible to search rooms based on filters such as room set-up, included materials, availability, capacity…

• You can also book the material you want to use during your meeting, such as projectors or even catering services. Emails are automatically sent to the right person ensuring reservations are not forgotten.

• With a few clicks, you can export the reservation schedule for a period of your choice.

• All attendees are informed by email with the specifics of the meeting.