Omnigarde – Features

OMNIGARDE is a comprehensive software solution designed to facilitate proactive incident handling management on your site. The Omnigarde features include: incident tracking and reportings, action procedures and instructions, daily tasks and intervention reports for security staff and the ability to interface with just about any other surveillance systems.

    • Identity management

Each agent has a personalized password for entering the system. Biometric scanning is available as an option.

    • Event traceability

Automatically tracks planned and time limited events.

    • Secure duty logs

Locked work areas means only the authorized agent can enter his own data.

    • Shift supervision

The presence and location of security agents can be verified at any time.

    • Filtering

Filter duty logs by event type for ease of information access.

    • Intervention reports

Customized reporting for reduced data entry.

    • Control panel

Mission management and planning.

    • Shift change controls

At each shift change, all outstanding actions are displayed and the agent must click to confirm.