Omnigarde – Add-ons and peripherals

The Omnigarde solution offers full visibility on incidents occuring at your place of business. This includes incidents recorded manually by security and reception staff, but also includes data collected automatically from other systems such as anti intrusion, Fire Detection and Access Control systems. This integration support provides a global view and history of the security and safety of your sites.

    • Biometric Identification and Authentication

For a more enhanced security, Omnigarde offers an authentication by fingerprint scan. This can be alone or combined with password authentication. The comparison of scanned fingerprint can be against the fingerprint stored in the database or its agent’s badge. The system is designed to track and send an in case of disconnection of the fingerprint reader and require the use of the password (choice of “fingerprint-password” mode).

    • Guard Tour Systems

Omnigarde offers tight integration with Guard Tour Systems. It’s possible to transfer all information collected by the Guard Tour System into Omnigarde who centralizes the collect of all data concerning incidents on-site. Data can be sent in real-time from handheld logging devices or integrated over the network when devices are placed in the docking station.

    • Key management

Keykeeper is an application designed for the management of temporary access cards and keys entrusted to a third party for a specific period. Keykeeper keeps track of who a key or access card was lent to and its location. It’s possible to restrict access of specific keys to certain people.