Omnigarde – Incident reporting

The OMNIGARDE incident reporting software provides ongoing IT support to help your agents ensure the Safety & Security of your business. The incident reporting tools in Omnigarde provide immediate and comprehensive visibility of all incidents occurring on your business sites and ensures full traceability of events.

Omnigarde is an incident tracking tool designed to the meet the real-time traceability requirements of your supervision and security teams. Omnigarde is organized around three main functions:
    • Computerized incident tracking

Omnigarde tracks and records on-site events and provides a useful tool to security agents by providing an immediate and comprehensive view of incidents occurring on site: intrusions, vandalism, bomb alerts, water leads, etc.

    • Procedures and Instructions

When an incident occurs a message is automatically sent to the security agent and an email is sent to other relevant parties. Omnigarde replaces all paper instructions. The information is structured and readily accessible by searching by keyword or from a tree. The agent has access to permanent and temporary instructions.

    • Assignment and management of security tasks

When starting a shift, and throughout, security agents must read and control a list of mandatory tasks. This can include both permanent and punctual tasks. In the case of delays or non-completion of tasks alerts are sent, allowing site managers better control over the performance and security of the site.