Visitor reception, safety and security for municipal organizations

The management of an entire city is a great responsibility. The municipalities and cities, who assume this responsibility, have specific security needs. Safeware offers three solutions to assist them in the management of access to public sites.

The image that residents have of their local government is a reflection of the quality of the service they receive. Part of this image is a sense of security. Telemaque visitor management software is an ideal tool for managing the flow of visitors to municipal buildings.

Telemaque has been chosen by many large organizations for visitor reception features such as:

  • A simple and reliable process for rapid identification processing including scanning information directly from identification cards.
  • Optimization of the workforce in terms of reception and security staff ensuring high productivity and no time wasted.
  • Managing lists of visitors and visitor categories to ensure that people are identified and access is controlled. Black lists can be used to restrict access.
  • The ability to incorporate the organization’s graphical identity onto quality printed badges and ID cards.

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Manage reservation of public facilities with a few simple clicks.

Gymnasiums, events, congresses, meeting rooms, swimming pool,… A local authority manages many different kinds of facilities that are used by the public and employees. More than just the rooms, there is also a lot of associated equipment and services to manage. It can be complex and high volume. Gesroom lets you easily manage the reservation process for public facilities and it lets you perform these tasks effortlessly.

Gesroom resource reservation software includes these features:

  • Advanced search features for resource availability such as date, time, room capacity, available materials and equipment.
  • A simple interface for reserving one or several rooms at one time.
  • Export the reservation schedule for a period of your choice for display or to send by email.
  • Book the associated materials needed during your meeting or event such as video projectors, coaches or teachers, white boards, locker rooms, caterers.
  • Extensive reporting features to help with the efficient management of room usage and needs.

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Incident reporting has a critical role to play in the management of site security and safety. In addition to the organization it is also important for compliance reasons to keep a complete trace of all incidents and events that occur in public facilities. Many organizations rely on Omnigarde to fulfill their responsibilities keeping people safe in public buildings. Incident reporting management features include:

  • A complete trace of all incidents and events. Information includes data entered manually by agents or collected automatically by security systems.
  • Omnigarde is fully customizable to ensure your security policies are up-to-date.
  • Facilitate the actions of security agents by organizing their time and providing instructions and procedures for all events.
  • Tracking of security guard monitoring and patrol systems in real-time.
  • Strong, flexible identification and authentication procedures.

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