Software solutions for multi-site general services managers

Large companies often operate across many physical locations. In order to remain efficient business software solutions need to keep this in mind to meet the security and reception needs of multi-site organizations. Safeware range of products for general services managers were designed to manage the needs of multi-site organizations.

Companies increasingly operate from many physical locations, making it complicated to manage the various buildings, and meet the needs in terms of safety/security, but also in terms of management of meeting rooms.

Many large companies operating across multiple sites have chosen Telemaque for the management of visitor access (Ex: Costco, McDonald’s, Walt Disney Company … ), The many visitor management features that are useful for one site, work just as well for many.

  • Ensure your corporate guidelines are visible across all sites with the simple badge printing tool incorporated in the software.
  • Scanning information directly into Telemaque from ID or business cards avoids errors.
  • Reduce time spent thanks to simple procedures and also optimize staffing schedules based on reporting of visitor volumes.
  • Support for pre-registration, company profiles, black lists and automatic identification are essential features for visitor access control management.

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Reservations for meeting rooms is a task that can seem quite commonplace in a business, but in reality, it requires great effort. Gesroom was created to spare you.

  • Book meeting rooms in your current location or in another office just as easily.
  • Thanks to integration with company directories, invite members to attend meetings from all location.
  • Gesroom tracks room capacity and available materials such as video conferencing equipment. Schedule a virtual meeting across multiple meeting rooms via video conference.
  • Invitations are sent to all attendees with call-in and room information.
  • With a few clicks, you can export the reservation schedule for a period of your choice.

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For better management of security and safety across multiple locations, Safeware has the ideal solution. The Omnigarde has been chosen by a number of organizations as an incident reporting solution that meet their stringent needs in security and, such as: the French National Assembly, Ballistic Research Laboratories, Pasteur Institute, the Institute of Nuclear Research and several other influential companies. Omnigarde offers some of the following features useful for multi-site organizations:

  • Manage the complete tracking of incidents and interventions across all sites.
  • Manage and communicate instructions to staff, on a permanent or temporary basis, specific to their post.
  • Check computer access rights per post/site.
  • Manage shift schedules and associated tasks with automated task lists related to the period and site.

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