Product features of Gesroom

If you have 2 meeting rooms or 200, it is not easy to satisfy everyone. Meeting room planning goes beyond a simple reservation. There are many details that need to be accounted for: room capacity, video projectors and other materials, coffee breaks … Forgetting a single detail can ruin your meeting! Safeware offers Gesroom to help you not miss a step. From equipment and room reservations to coordinating related services, Gesroom takes care of everything.

    • Interactive Planning

Graphic reservation of one or more resources

    • Multi-criteria search

Use using multiple criteria and filters when searching for rooms to reserve

    • Material and services delivery

Manage equipment and vehicle reservations, organize external or internal catering orders

    • Recurring reservations

Reserve rooms for recurring meetings over a set time

    • Receipt delivery

A document is sent with reservation details to the person making the reservation, attendees, service suppliers

    • Resource controls

Configure system to verify room capacity and equipment availability.

    • Administration

Easily configure parameters to adapt to internal procedures. Manage user access rights.

    • Planning

Provides reports of rooms to prepare, food to be delivered and service times.