Gesroom – Room reservation management

Gesroom is a client or web-based solution for managing the reservation of meeting rooms and associated services. Gesroom was designed for organizations in all activity sectors that need to manage the use of mutualized resources on one or multiple sites (meeting rooms, vehicles, equipment…) SAFEWARE’s Gesroom is an enterprise reservation management solution that allows you to manage and control your company’s valuable shared resources and improve service levels. With Gesroom you can centralize management of meeting rooms, associated service deliveries, car spaces, vehicles and meeting room equipment. Gesroom is ideal for all organizations to schedule events, meetings, trainings, conferences, shows such as: businesses, city hall, courts, schools/colleges…

    • Efficient resource planning

Gesroom room reservation software was designed to increase productivity without requiring major organizational changes. Gesroom allows you to define unique work flows that map to your business practices, enabling your team members to secure the resources they need at the right time for maximum efficiency.

    • Easy online accessibility

Through one centralized intranet, your team can make their own meeting room reservations, select eh services they need, any equipment they require and reserve catering, vehicles and parking places. Gesroom shows them instantly the requested resource’s availability, and once selected, confirms the reservation.

    • Analytics and reporting

Using Gesroom you will instantly see how these resources are performing and assess and reallocate resources across single or multisite operations. Instant analytics will help your management team identify resource constraints before they happen, spot opportunities and take fast action.