Safety and Security software for large enterprises

For large enterprises the impression you give customers starts at the front door. Quality lobby management is the smart way to start.

The bigger a company gets the more staff, visitors, meetings and other daily tasks that need to be managed. Instead of just throwing more staff at the problem, Safeware has a range of solutions designed to help you optimize and securely manage visitor reception and security.

Telemaque, Omnigarde and Gesroom are three solutions that help create efficiencies in workplace procedures while ensure a safe, quality environment for staff and visitors.

Telemaque: Your safety is our priority!

Security has always been one of the primary concerns in an organization. Telemaque keeps you in control of the situation.

  • Fast and simple visitor reception: Visitor identity information is scanned into the system automatically from an ID or business card.
  • Strong, corporate image: Quick printing of quality badges incorporated your company logo and corporate guidelines.
  • Optimizing reception staff: Efficient and quick reception ensures your customers don’t wait any longer than necessary.
  • Visitor control: Automatic identification, pre-registration, black lists help control who has access to your site.
  • Access point control: Complete traceability and management of access points on the site, via the identification of people and vehicles.

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Managing the reservation of meeting rooms is one of the daily tasks of a large organization, but managing room reservations is not always an easy one. Gesroom is a solution that optimizes the reservation of meeting rooms and other shared resources. Some features include:

  • Interactive Planning: the graphic interface displays available rooms and allows you to reserve on or multiple meeting rooms.
  • Advanced Search features: Search rooms by date, time, site, building name, room number, capacity, support people, planning, equipment.
  • Reserve the extras: Reserve needed equipment (audio-visual, computer …), materials (white boards, chairs, tables…) or food (meal breaks), etc …
  • Manage recurring meetings: Reserve a meeting room for your weekly meeting
  • Reservation summary: A data sheet with the details of the booking is created and sent to organizer and necessary services: dates and times, equipment, services and hours desired (audiovisual, IT, food services .. .)
  • Room capacity and equipment: Gesroom automatically takes into account room capacity and equipment availability.
  • Dashboards and statistical reports: Ability to track the history of bookings and optimize the use of shared resources.

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The larger your organization the more people, departments and buildings you have to oversee. This increases the risk of accidents, theft, or other events that may affect the safety of the company. Omnigarde is a solution that lets you keep your eyes on what’s happening throughout the site.

Some of the incident reporting features of Omnigarde:

  • Complete tracking of all events: system events, shift changes, events recorded automatically or manually.
  • Many report options: the solution offers both standard and configurable reporting tools.
  • Identification & Authentication: identification procedures can be implemented at any stage of the security shift desired. Authentication can be by password or fingerprint identification, or both.
  • Secure data log protection: Once data has been entered it cannot be modified. It can be completed or commented. Time and signatures stamps are included with all entries.
  • Integration with internal directory: Identification can be connected to company IDAP directories (eg Active Directory).

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